Review: Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear headphones

Last year I got my self a presumably good pair of an over-the-ear headphones to enrich the listening experience. I love good audio quality and I listen to the music a lot. Whatever I do, the music is on. Now I’m not an audiophile, so my requests for audio quality were not on the highest level but I like to enjoy some decent high quality headphones.

I’ve never owned a pair of Sennheiser’s before, so last year I decided to give a chance to Sennheiser Momentum Over-Ear headphones. After spending more then a year with them I am very confident of writing my review on them now.

Inside the box

After receiving them, they were packed in this nice, big black box. You can immediately see they invested in unboxing experience, everything is packed well and stylish.

The box contained a big and stylish headphone case made of nice material with the zip on the side. The case makes them more portable even if they are fairly big, but personally it’s not completely useful for every situation. The case is pretty bulky and it might get in your way when you decide to take them with you. I find it perfect for home and trips, but not for short and every day destinations.

If you want these headphones more portable, I’d recommend you Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, which can fold and fit in much smaller case.

Sennheiser produced multiple versions of the cables for the Momentum line up, one for Android and the other for iOS users. With either version you will find one phone cable (iOS/Android) of 1.4m length with 3.5mm audio connector equipped with the microfon, remote controls (They call it smart remote) and rotatory plug. Perfect for mobile use, for which these headphones were mainly intended. The other cable is a normal 3.5mm audio cable for connecting everything else and in addition you get also 6.3mm adaptor plug.

The cables are generally of high quality, they feel premium and robust. The thing I specially like is the rotator plug with 90 degrees of movement which will save the cable from breaking and making connectivity issues. The length is ok, as I said these headphones are intended for mobile use so you don’t need more then 1.4m of cable length. I had no issues with them for an over a year of intense usage.

Design and materials

The design of Momentum headphones many people find ugly but I really like their look. Simple and retro, with nice colour combinations. They appeal truly nice, just as it should be for a premium headphone.

The headphone is made of an aluminium headband with ear cups fastened on. The headband padding and earpads are made from leather and the ear cup housings are made from glass-filled plastic. The ear cups are tension-adjusted by sliding them up and down on the headband, there is no ratcheting or click adjustment. My Momentums are the black model with red cabling, a black with red stitched carrying case, red stitching on the headband, and red cloth covering the driver baffle plates inside the ear cups.

I washed many times earpads but mounting them back on is not so simple. I found this video tutorial on YouTube with the steps for doing this which might help.


Here we go, this where things get messy.

The first problem is the headband padding, rather hard which if not adjusted properly to your size of head can cause some pain on your scalp after prolonged time of wearing. You must place them flat on the top your head to avoid this problem, as they are very light you are fine after placing them that way.

The second problem which I don’t have, but I read many people complained about it, is the size of the ear cups. Chances are they will be small for most people ears, which fail to isolate external noises and make pain on your ears. Other than that they fit well small ears, like mines.

The third problem is having them on for a prolonged period of time can you make your ears to become hot, sore and pinched. I literally can’t have them on for more then an hour, instead I need periodically take them off to let my ears breathe and then I can put them back on. Personally this is biggest issue with Momentum which I find hard to swallow for the initial price tag.

Sound quality

This is the point where Sennheiser got it right. The sound is clean with linear response from bottom end to lower treble, very well balanced with lots of details. Mids are clean with much energy of the vocals. I specially like the bass, not too strong just perfect impact both from the lower bass to the upper bass.

The sound goes well with almost every genre, and I’m a guy who goes from heavy metal to classical genre, so they managed to satisfy all my tastes. Overall the sound quality is perfect.


At the time I was getting them the price was 319 euros on Amazon, but since I got them Sennheiser released a second generation of Momentum line both with cable and wireless. options, which made this (first) line up much cheaper and this makes them currently the best value for the money. You can find them on Amazon for almost half price now. Link to Amazon


There are many pros of these headphones, but comfort and portability are not one of them. Design, build and sound quality are top-notch. And also don’t forget the current value which makes them even more attractive.

Would I recommend them? Yes and no, if it’s for home and trips then sure, go ahead you can’t go wrong, otherwise I’d suggest considering the second generation of them.

Note: All photos taken with iPhone 6s Plus

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