Offshore racing in Chioggia 2016

A good friend of mine who knows I go mad for these things, sent me a link of Campionato del Mondo Off Shore 2016 Chioggia event to see if I’d be interested to see. I immediately said yes!

Before seeing this I didn’t even know this kind of events would take place in Italy. More precisely in Chioggia, a small town near Venice. I looked around their website Campionato del Mondo Offshore 2016 to see the timetables and the event was organised to run in 4 consecutive days, from 14 to 18 September. But the last day was the finals and probably most exciting part of the race. So we decided to organize a small boat for the last day and watch the racing from the best view possible, water!

Early in morning the weather was not on our side, many of our friends gave up and decided to stay at home. They were scared of seasickness and strong waves. I could understand, but other two of us decided to give it a try. Packed our stuff and started from Lido di Venezia to Chioggia. Immediately after we were in the water, on our very big surprise the sun came out and for the rest of the day the weather was just perfect. I even got a sunburn.

The event its self was something I’ve never seen before from that distance and the view. There were 4 categories: Endurance, Offshore 3000, Offshore 3D and V1. The V1 was the craziest one, just insane. It’s like Formula 1 on water.

I tried to snap some good videos with my iPhone 6s Plus and put together a nice full video from that day. You can see it here:

I made a small video of the event.

I tried to take a photo of every interesting moment of that day. Some arty shots from the places we passed by and ofcourse of the boats. I had around 340 images on the memory card, which many very similiar. I put together a gallery of best unique shots and uploaded here. Take a look and enjoy.

Note: All photos taken with Canon EOS 1100D

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